On this website, we do not sell material individually, here we use a membership scheme, with this scheme we will all feel that we are one unit so that it is more comfortable and a good and sustainable collaboration can be established.

Membership is divided into two, namely FREE and PREMIUM
  • For free membership, you can only access certain materials. 
  • While for premium membership, you can access all the best materials on this website, including the updated version of the material.

Currently the premium membership is available only for a period of one year with an investment fee of ONLY BIG

Pkr. 5,000(Only for Pakistan)
30$(Any country)

How to join this program?

Friend all just enough to pay 30.00$  or 5000.00 Pkr to become a premium member of TrickPk, for one time for a lifetime.

Thus, during the next year, if there are additional materials, you will still be able to directly access them without any additional costs.

  • The schemes and prices above are only available during the promotional period with no time limit, so they can change at any time. 
  • For that, immediately take advantage of this good opportunity.

Hundreds of people have felt the benefits of the premium material on this web, of course you too, right?

🚀Prices will continue to rise as many blogger templates are made to be hunted to take part before prices rise :)